Is 2008 the Year of the Web-Based Ad Network?

Looking to advertise your business? You will soon have a limitless selection of ad networks to choose from. There is search advertising, social advertising, banner advertising, video advertising and a number of other ad solutions. Media companies are typically the primary driver of these new ad platforms because they need to offer their advertisers alternative channels for exposure. Just today I’ve seen a number of new advertising solutions announced.

Michael Learmonth has posted that four of largest newspapers will be launching a new web based ad network. Comcast has also announced that they will be launching their own ad network as well. All of these ad networks are attempts at diversifying into the booming online ad space which currently accounts for 7.7 percent of domestic advertising expenditures (TNS Media Intelligence).

In terms of attention share, the internet has a far larger share then is currently accounted for in ad spending. As a result you see journalists and entrepreneurs flocking to the web space to try to get a piece of the $35 billion domestic advertising market. A lot of these web based ad networks are going to fail miserably but then again right now it’s nothing but growth in the web based ad world.