Irony: GQ Will Be First Mag Available On iPad, Beating Out Wired

The April 2010 issue of GQ is set to hold the distinction of being the first magazine available on Apple’s new iPad, also out next month.

There had, evidently, been a competition among four Condé Nast titles hoping to earn the honor, with GQ beating out The New Yorker, Glamour and Wired. However, all four titles are being prepped for iPad compatibility in the near future.

Gizmodo points out that Condé Nast’s decision to introduce two types of digital magazine formats is because Adobe, with which Wired was developed, has a less than friendly relationship with Apple:

The reason they’re doing two flavors of digital magazines — a glamorous one with Adobe for Wired, and one that’s essentially glorified iPhone apps for every other rag — is because of Adobe’s unsteady relationship with Apple. Conde Nast’s CEO told Peter Kafka he can’t go full-steam-ahead with Wired’s vision, so they’re taking “two parallel development tracks going until the relationship between Apple and Adobe is clear.” Though, given the choice, Conde would go the Adobe route.

Another wrinkle that would need to be ironed is that of subscriptions. Currently, interested individuals have the option of registering for the iPad version of the magazine of their choice through each respective magazine’s webpage.