Irony Alert: EHow Contributor Pens ‘How To Find A Job As A Newspaper Reporter’

Are you looking for a career in newspapers? (Ignoring the fact that newspapers are quickly flushing themselves down the tubes…) Do you need advice? Look no further than the world’s repository of information:

“WordWhizKid” penned How to Get A Newspaper Job,” and “Bfastattiffanys” wrote “How To Write For A Newspaper,” while “Mia Carter” is responsible for “How To Write A Good Newspaper Article.

Among the tips:

  • “Take a job at the newspaper that isn’t necessarily a writing position. Get your foot in the door and work as hard and diligently as you possibly can.”
  • “ is a great national Web site offering journalism jobs across the country. You can search for your state or the states you would like to live in and see what you find.”
  • “Online writing is the journalism of the future and if you write for sites such as eHow, or if you have a blog, be sure to include links on your resume.”
  • “Be ready for tons of criticism. Readers of a newspaper can be harsh, especially if you don’t write what they like or agree with. Stay strong.”
  • “Newspapers are written for a twelve-year-old’s reading level, in order to accommodate readers of all backgrounds and abilities. Big, fancy wording is fine for academic writing or novels, but in newspapers, big, fancy words only confuse readers.”

We’ve covered the news that many content farm writers have no idea what they’re writing about. This set of articles, though, seems to require perhaps a new saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, write articles on eHow.”