Ironkill Robot Fighting Game Launches on iOS, Android

Game developer Play Motion has announced the launch of Ironkill on iOS and Android devices. Play Motion was created by the team leads of Total Recall and Real Steel: World Robot Boxing, and aims to focus on action and simulation titles that “maximize today’s mobile technology.” The studios first title, Ironkill sees users building, fighting and destroying robots as they battle for power against computer-controlled enemies.

In Ironkill, players are taken to a disheveled world where people live in massive slums, and the only escape is to become a robot fighting champion. Robots have been created by three major worldwide factions: Greater Asia, African Union, and the Americas, and these robots have strengths and weaknesses against others, depending on their creator (think “rock, paper, scissors”). Players start with a single robot from Greater Asia, but will eventually unlock up to 12 robots for their team.

IronkillDuring the game’s level-based combat, players tap on buttons to activate their robot’s quick or heavy attacks, as well as block oncoming attacks from the enemy robot. As players deal or receive damage, their special ability meter charges. Once filled, players can unleash these abilities (each robot has two, with one requiring unlocking), which may stun the enemy robot, repair some of its own damage, and more. Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on the amount of health they lose during battle.

Each battle requires energy to begin, and each robot has its own energy bar. Players earn money when they complete battles, and can spend this on new robots with different abilities and affiliations. If players don’t have enough funds to purchase a robot for free, they can purchase additional coins with premium currency. Each robot can also be upgraded over time by spending money on its health stat or attack damage. Upgrades take time to complete, but players can also speed this up instantly with premium currency.

Opponents become more difficult as players complete levels, but the game injects free funds into the player’s bank at timed intervals to ensure they’re never really stuck. That is, when collected in bulk, these funds could be used to make a robot stronger, so it could take out a particularly challenging opponent. Timed challenges will also appear on the level map, which provide players with larger rewards, but only if they’re completed before time runs out.

“Ironkill will transport mobile gamers to a fun new global arena where they can hone their robot fighting skills against mechanized killing machines,” said Prabodh Pallu, executive producer of Ironkill, in a statement. “Get ready to amass a team of killer robots, fight the toughest carbon and steel warriors around, and destroy all opponents on your path to worldwide dominance.”

Ironkill is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game will be updated with additional robots and content going forward.