Ironhide Game Studio brings Kingdom Rush: Frontiers to browser on Armor Games

Image via Ironhide Game Studio

Ironhide Game Studio and Armor Games have announced the release of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers online on Armor Games’ website. This marks the first time the tower defense game has been made available for free in browsers, after its previous release on iOS and Android earlier this year as a paid app.

The browser version of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers utilizes Flash, and while it doesn’t contain the entire mobile experience, it does offer 15 levels in three different terrain types. Players build towers to defeat over 40 varieties of enemies, and have access to nine different hero characters.

In each stage, players can choose one of three difficulty settings, and will unlock two additional gameplay types for each level by finishing it first with a three-star rating. The Heroic Challenge mode sees players going against harder enemies, sometimes without the help of a hero, while the Iron Challenge comes with even more restrictions, like losing access to certain towers.

Image via Ironhide Game Studio

Players can build four basic tower types (archers, barracks, mage guilds and artillery), and will earn gold for defeating enemies. This gold is spent building more towers, while the stars earned in levels are used to upgrade towers and defensive capabilities going forward.

Every few seconds, players can call in ground troops as reinforcements, in addition to manually activating new enemy waves when everything is under control. Additional powers unlock over time, but they tend to have longer recharge timers.

Head over to Armor Games to try the Flash version of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, or check back soon to follow its mobile versions on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.