Iron Man 2 for iPad: Was $6.99, Now 99 Cents & #4 in Top Paid Apps List

Image courtesy of Gameloft
Gameloft learned something interesting recently when they dropped the price of Shrek Kart HD for iPad from $4.99 to 99 cents. The title moved from selling reasonably well to shooting to #1 in the iTunes Apps Store iPad paid apps list (it is still #1). So, what happens when they drop the price of a $6.99 iPad game to 99 cents? Why, it moves from a game I didn’t know existed to #4 in the top iPad paid apps list and earned 99 cents from me. I bought and downloaded the gigantic (212MB):
Iron Man 2 for iPad 1.0.0
This large game app takes a long time to load on the iPad. It is not a game you start up while, say, standing in line somewhere. The intial tutorial game play was interesting. But, I found it difficult to maneuver Iron Man around the 2D environment (did not try flying). It is a good looking game but not as immediately accessible as Gameloft’s Shrek Kart HD for iPad. But, for 99 cents, I don’t regret buying it and giving it a try. I’ll definitely try to carve out some time during the weekend to play the game a bit more.