Iriver Releases Lplayer


It turns out iriver is still in the portable media player game, as the company today announced its Lplayer Multifunctional MP4 Player, Gearlog reports. The Lplayer includes a D-click control and a wide aspect ratio 2.0-inch screen. As is the case with most of these things, the device isn’t a cell phone, but features music and video playback, a photo and text viewer, FM radio and FM recording, and voice recording]; it’s essentially a competitor for the video-capable, 3G iPod Nano.

The report said that the device is now available in black, white, and pink, in both 4GB ($109.99) and 8GB ($159.99) versions; prices that undercut the iPod Nano by $40 in each case. Standalone video players like these still mainly function as music players (like the iPod) more than as video players, due to their small screens and the fact that you can’t walk with them without running the risk of braining yourself on a stop sign. On the other hand, they’re generally much more amenable to sideloading your media in various formats.

Contrast that with cell phones, which often play live streaming TV and act as video players as well, but usually come with obstinate software and tight restrictions on when and where you can watch video.