Irish Newspaper Fashions Unusual ISIS Headline

This week's Tralee edition of The Kerryman is a keeper.

In the annals of ISIS front-page headlines, not too many relate to the minutiae of city council business. But thanks to a characterization delivered in Ireland by Sinn Féin Councillor Pa Daly, The Kerryman was able to greatly amplify such a topic.

The matter at hand that prompted Daly to proclaim “even ISIS wouldn’t have done this” involves the partial demolition of Sunday’s Well in Kerry. The holy artifact dates back to Pagan times and was recently modified without proper approval from Ireland’s National Monuments Service. The hero is local resident Neilus O’Shea, whose objections and monitoring halted the work.

Over at, a site that catalogs Irish media highlights, there are some funny comments rolling in. Including one from user KieranNYC:

Irony of a SF councilor giving out about terrorists blowing up monuments.

The Kerryman, a weekly newspaper, as founded in 1904. The ISIS headline adorns its Tralee edition.

Image via: @CiaraMPSI