Iraq War Vet Launches ArmedZilla, Social Network for Troops

After three tours in Iraq, military veteran David Johnson saw a void in the social media world. What he saw lacking was a Web-based networking portal for service members to support each other as they transition back to civilian life and cope with issues unique to wearing the uniform. Thanks to ArmedZilla, a just-launched communication platform for U.S. military members, troops both old and new can reach out to one another.

The social network doesn’t only connect military personnel and veterans, but it gives friends, family and supporters the opportunity to gain insight into the lives of our armed forces.

Upon registration, users are asked to choose an account type: military, veteran, military spouse, spouse of a veteran, military supporter or military curious. After filling out the requisite profile, the Facebookesque homepage gets you started by displaying the site’s newest community members, videos, photos and other updates. Users can create military-based groups; from “Terror-Free Investing” to “Afghanistan 2009-2010,” the site gives members a forum for anything that’s on their minds.

“My goal for the website is that our users will rely on ArmedZilla for their needs. If they are looking to find a lost friend, needing to ask a question, making a big transition, or just looking for more like-minded individuals to connect with. I hope ArmedZilla will facilitate that. There are many problems ranging from suicide to divorce in the military these days, and with just a little support and communication those problems might be solved.” ArmedZilla founder and CEO, David Johnson told me via email.

The United States currently has 24 million military veterans and over 2 million people actively serving. Johnson’s best guestimation is that 65% of military members are using social media to communicate. “Most of the troops are on it; I have seen it firsthand.”

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