Iranian Activist Posts Accusatory YouTube Video from Jail

Recently, a jailed political activist based out of Iran recorded a 15 minute video and posted it on YouTube.  This is despite the government’s attempt to silence his efforts.  The man, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, is the head of the Democratic Front of Iran, and uses the video to criticize the Iranian government who are putting undue pressure on political activists in the country.

The video, shown below, is completely in Farsi and key selections were translated by Golnaz Esfandiari over at Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

The video is part of the greater canon of social media enabled rebellions.  In this video, it’s aspersions about the fearful Iranian administration and their attempts to keep outspoken Iranians in jail for speaking their own mind.

“We are not terrorists; we are not promoting violence; we have said certain things based on our basic rights; we’ve expressed our views. The establishment issues heavy prison sentences against us out of fear, it fears what we have to say — the things we’re saying here between us. I don’t believe the crackdown, violent measures, prison and other things will stop us. We’re determined, we have paid a price, and we’re [ready] to pay an even higher price, we know our rights, and we will definitely reach our demands. “

We’ll keep you updated on any other news, in the meantime check out the RFERL link for more information.