Iran Conflict Boosts CNN’s iReport

CNN’s iReport has seen a traffic spurt as a result of the conflict over the Iranian election. The network said about 5,000 Iran-related videos and photos were uploaded over the past week, with some 150 used on-air on or This past Monday, page views for iReport reached the 1 million mark, CNN added. senior producer Lila King, who oversees iReport, spoke with Beet.TV executive producer Andy Plesser. King told Plesser, “What’s happening around Iran is really because CNN and …every major news organization …is no longer able to, you know, have people actually there and recording everyday. We’re relying on iReporters and what we’re hearing from them in the fields to really give us a sense of what’s actually happening. And because …it’s become such a powerful way to find out what’s happening every day on the ground, we’ve actually taken the iReport desk and integrated it with CNN’s international newsgathering in a way that we’ve never really done before.”

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