An Ira Glass Trick and a Molly Ringwald Treat

It is still to-be-determined how many children were talked and bribed this Halloween into going as Ira Glass. However, what we do know is that the erudite maestro of This American Life and Serial has pretty much already won the Halloween meta-tweet sweepstakes.


If Twitter allowed the hashtagging of automated retweets, this one would definitely merit #metametameta. Why three meta’s rather than just two?

Because this past spring, Glass interviewed Ringwald for an episode of This American Life titled “Is That What I Look Like:”

Ira Glass: I supposed it’s not a big surprise that Molly Ringwald does not sit around watching old Molly Ringwald films. You know, she’s seen them. She needs a big reason to go back to them.

And recently her daughter gave her a reason. Her daughter Mathilda is 10. And Mathilda wanted to see The Breakfast Club. Of course, 10 is a little young to see The Breakfast Club, but most of her friends had seen it.

Molly Ringwald: So it was kind of weird that she was the only one that hadn’t seen this movie. And she said that it was a conversation at slumber parties where that’s a movie that some kids want to watch and that she had always said, please, I don’t want to watch it. Can we watch something else? Because she wanted to watch it with me – which I thought was really nice.

Happy Halloween, everyone!