Iqons – MySpace of Fashion

Together with London fashion week on February 13th will be launched new social network of fashion who have big plans and want to be influential community in world of fashion.

Iqons - MySpace of Fashion


Iqons plan is to join people interested in fashion and also working professionals and take down borders and make fashion industry more flexible. Designers and photographers, models and head-hunters, show producers and magazine publishers, manufacturers and consumers all can participate in this community and share their talent, possibilities and experience.

Speaking about features of this fashion social network – it have all the features to satisfy users and offer to them self-promotion possibilities because in fashion world it is very important. And if I started to speak about self-promotion I need to mention that anyone can get 15 minutes of fame in special section of Iqons.

Actually if we speak about social networks in general I like that now they are specializing more and more. I have wrote before about Humble Voice which is community of artists and I think such social networks have more added value and I really think that also Iqons will find their place in Internet.

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