iPods Increasingly Used as Educational Tools

The New York Times posted an article about how students are increasingly turning to their iPods for help with lectures:

“These days, students who miss an important point the first time have a second chance. After class, they can pipe the lecture to their laptops or MP3 players and hear it again while looking at the slides that illustrate the talk.”

At least two companies now sell software to universities and other institutions that captures the words of classroom lectures and syncs them with the digital images used during the talk — usually PowerPoint slides and animations, according to the report. The illustrated lectures are stored on a server so that students can retrieve them and replay the content on the bus ride home, clicking along to the exact section they need to review.

“Students already have an iPod and they already use them all the time,” Nicole Engelbert, an analyst at Datamonitor, a marketing research company in New York, said in the article. “You don’t need to train them.”

What Did the Professor Say? Check Your iPod [NYT]