iPods Like Facebook Mobile Ads

Campaign capitalizes on mobile device targeting

While mobile advertisers debate the merits of smartphones versus tablets, the iPod touch might be the mobile device they should be considering—at least if they’re running Facebook campaigns aimed at the younger crowd. Apple’s music player bested its high-profile mobile siblings, the iPhone and iPad, when it came to generating clicks and likes from Facebook mobile ads, according to a study conducted by social media agency SocialCode.

Take the findings below with a couple grains of salt. For starters, the observations stem from a single campaign run November 8-12 by the Washington Post-owned agency that was targeted to Facebook users aged 13 to 39 years old, the younger half of that demo is particularly more likely to own an iPod touch. The agency declined to name the brand behind the campaign but said its target demo is 18 to 34 year-olds.

Secondly, iPod touch users were exposed to more than seven times the impressions as ads run on the iPad and iPhone, 15.5 million impressions versus 2.1 million and 2.5 million respectively; Android devices received the majority of impressions overall: 21.2 million.

Though the methodology may be narrow, the results do provide a small window into a new Facebook targeting option. Facebook just last month began letting advertisers target their mobile ads by device.

So what does mobile device targeting get a brand? On the iPod, it returned a 0.085 percent clickthrough rate (CTR). Compare that with the iPad’s 0.074 percent CTR, the iPhone’s 0.055 percent CTR and Android’s 0.049 percent CTR. Not much to get excited about.

But what the targeting really delivered were likes. The music player saw a click-to-like rate of 56.2 percent. The iPad followed at 45.5 percent, trailed by the iPhone at 34.7 percent and Android at 34.6 percent. That translated into 7,386 likes from ads run on the iPod, 3,625 from Android, 711 from iPad and 471 from iPhone.