iPod Touch Sales Propel App Store Purchases to New Heights

Despite the economy, Apple’s iPod Touch looks to be one of the few big winners this holiday season. An early indicator is the fact that app store purchases soared on Christmas Day, as new iPod owners around the US unboxed their new devices and began filling them with applications and content.

One of the big winners over the past week was the ever-so sophisticated iFart Mobile, which, as you might be able to discern from its name, is a very simple application that plays various pre-recorded flatulence noises. Priced to sell at $0.99, the application is the perfect example of the novelty buy: cheap enough, and funny enough for you to cough up the dough for a one-time joke. iFart has released their sales numbers, and reports that on Christmas Day alone, the application was purchased almost 39,000 times. Other iPhone/iPod game developers have reported a similar increase in purchases, in the 3x-4x range, over the week of Christmas.

In addition, reports of web browser market share show a significant increase in iPod Touch (as opposed to iPhone) over the last week. Amazon shows the iPod Touch as the top selling MP3 devices, and Apple has been aggressively marketing the device as more than music players, but as a gaming platform to rival products like Nintendo’s DS.