iPhone/iPad Users Downloading 5 Million Games Per Day

Earlier this week, I wrote about differences I noticed in the top 10 paid apps for the iPhone and the iPad.

iPad & iPhone Paid App Ecosystem Differences

The top 10 paid iPhone apps were all games with Angry Bird editions occupying three of the top 10 spots. Today (May 20), there is one non-game app (one of my personal favorites, Camera+) breaking into the top 10 at position 10. However, the top 9 apps are all games. The top 10 paid iPad apps, on the other hand, had a bit more diversity although four of the apps were games (five game apps are in the top 10 paid iPad apps today). The clear and simple message I got out of these observations is that games are extremely important to iPhone users and very important (but not dominant) for iPad users.

ReadWriteWeb summarizes reports by two analytics firms (Distimo and Newzoo) that support my casual observation.

iOS Users Downloading 5 Million Games a Day, Report Finds

In addition to the phenomenal per day download figure, they also report that 63 million iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) users download 2.5 games per month.

Looking at all of Apple app stores (including the non-iOS Mac app store for OS X), the research indicates that 90% of the game downloads are to iPhone and iPod touch devices while 9% are to iPad devices. Most of this can be attributed to the much larger device population of the older and more established iPhone and iPod touch. They also note that 12% of the daily game downloads are for paid games. Note, however, that many free games have in-app purchase options for virtual goods or upgrades. 40% of total game revenues are from in-app purchases.