iPhone Vs. Android: The Social Apps Battle [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is there a difference between how iPhone users and Android users access their social media? Apparently so. Owners of each device favor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare differently, accessing some social apps more than others.

This infographic from onavo explores how often different smartphone users access various social apps.

Facebook, for instance, has penetrated a massive 90 percent of iPhones, but only 63 percent of Androids.

Twitter is slightly more popular on Android than iPhone, with 25 percent penetration on the former and 22 percent penetration on the latter.

And, in the most dramatic display of a discrepancy between the two mobile devices, Google+ has 35 percent penetration on Android and only 8 percent penetration on iPhone – which makes sense, given that Android and Google+ are both Google products.

Twitter has a relatively low data usage among both iPhone and Android users, at just over 8MB each. Compared to Facebook’s 45.8MB (iPhone) and 19MB (Android), Twitter seems pretty data thrifty.

You can explore the infographic below for penetration rates and data usage ratios of LinkedIn, Foursuqare and Facebook Messenger below.

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