iPhone Users Embrace the Music, Web

A new report from M:Metrics found that yes, iPhone users really do take advantage of a lot of device’s cool features. A New York Times article on the report calls the results “somewhat dramatic.” And it’s right.

iphone_leftview-318.JPGOut of the 10,000 or so iPhone users that M:Metrics surveyed, 84.8% said that they use it to access news and information. That compares to 58.2% of smartphone owners and 13.1% of all mobile phone users, the report says.

Nearly three-quarters – 74.1% – listen to music on their iPhone. But, considering that one of the phone’s biggest selling points is its iTunes integration, that’s not too surprising. Also, according to the report, 30.9% of the folks surveyed have watched some form of video on their iPhone, more than twice the percentage of other smartphone users.