Facebook For iPhone Update Fixes Places Bugs

An update to the Facebook for iPhone app was released yesterday which fixes several crashes, clears up problems with the Places interface, and improves the developer login experience. The App Store download page for Facebook for iPhone Version 3.2.3 includes the note “Facebook Places is only available in a limited number of countries. We’re working on making this available in other countries soon.” Facebook for iPhone now has 46.3 million monthly active users, a significant percentage of Facebook’s total 150 million mobile users.

Facebook for iPhone became the only mobile app to include access to Places with its last release on August 18th, 2010. New updates to Android, Blackberry, and Palm Facebook apps don’t include the location feature. This update resolves some bugs that shipped with Places including “a problem where people would appear twice in Here Now on a Place view” and “a problem that could cause the toolbar to not be shown on a Place view.” Crashes occurring when receiving push notifications or navigating Messages have too been fixed.

The update also includes an “Improved, more streamlined login experience for developers using the Facebook SDK.” Last month Facebook updated its iOS (formerly iPhone) SDK to give developers access to the Open Graph API and OAuth 2.0.

The monthly active user counts for Facebook for iPhone was up to 107 million last month until Facebook changed the way in which it calculates application user counts. Since discounting users who merely Liked or commented on stories posted to the news feed which were generated through the app, Facebook for iPhone’s MAU has adjusted to 46.3 million, still almost one third of Facebook’s total active mobile users — and a much larger proportion of users accessing it in Apple’s App Store

Most Facebook for iPhone users won’t notice the changes made in this update, but the steady release schedule ensures the stability of the iPhone’s most popular app. The inclusion of Places on the Facebook app is a symbol of how the iPhone is mobile’s technological front-runner. If Apple can continue to offer a better set of Facebook features than its competitors, Facebook power users will see the iPhone as the clear choice amongst mobile handsets.