iPhone Push Notification Apps Are Here: AP Mobile 3.0 News App

One of iPhone OS 3.0’s eagerly awaited new features is push notification. Prior to OS 3.0, only Apple’s own apps such as email and SMS could push information automatically from a network source to the iPhone. The first iPhone app I noticed supporting Push Notification was…

Leaf Trombone World Stage (iTunes App Store)

…which is a 99 cent virtual musical instrument app from Smule. Since there were so many app updates since the OS 3.0 release last week Wednesday, I haven’t tried all the app updates yet. But, one I decided to take a look at today is the AP Mobile 3.0 news app which some people had problems updating when the 2.0 version was released in May (I didn’t run into that problem)…

AP to ‘push’ breaking news alerts to iPhone 3.0 users

I turned on Push Notification for AP Mobile 3.0 and it seems to work as promised so far. However, I turned it off because I was concerned about it beeping and turning my iPhone on too often. I need to take a look at the three Push Notification options available and decide which combination makes the most sense for me before turn Push back on for AP Mobile and other apps that support Push Notification.

You can see below an example of a Push badge that appeared after AP Mobile 3.0 turned on my iPhone 3G’s display and sounded a notification alarm.

AP Mobile 3.0 (iTunes App Store)