iPhone Overtook Windows Mobile Use (Ho Hum)-But Look at the BlackBerry Use Jump!

Interesting observation from Engadget based on ComScore survey research data…

ComScore: iPhone overtakes Windows Mobile use for the first time in US

The data comes from surveys conducted in February, May, July, and October of this year. Take a look at the July data which suggests that there are about 7 million iPhones in the US. As of June 2009, we know that Apple reported selling 45 million iPhone and iPod touch devices worldwide. AdMob estimated that Apple had sold about 13 million iPhones in the U.S. at that point. So, ComScore’s estimate is just a bit over half of AdMob’s estimate. I, quite honestly, don’t know which estimate is correct (if any). But, it does illustrate the problem of drawing conclusions from either set of data.

In any case, the possibility that iPhone use overtook Windows Mobile use in the U.S. is hardly a surprise. There are a couple of items in the chart Engadget shows that are far more interesting:

– RIM (BlackBerry): The gap between the number of iPhone and BlackBerry users grew larger during the year. RIM outpaced Apple by about 2.5 million users in February. This gap grew to 6 million by October if we accept the estimate that there were 15 million BlackBerry users and 9 million iPhone users at tht time.

– Palm Pre use grew at a very slow rate over the four survey periods. This bodes ill for Palm and Sprint

– Google Android number showed growth between February and May but was essentially flat after that. These surveys were, however, taken before the Droid went on sale.

– Symbian use in the U.S. seemed to jump a bit between the July and October surveys. I wonder what caused this?