iPhone OS 3.0 Upgrade Related WiFi Problems Being Reported

Shortly after upgrading my iPhone 3G and 1st generation iPod touch to iPhone OS 3.0, I noticed that I was not getting WiFi reception in areas of my home and office which previously had weak but usable signals. It turns out that the WiFi problem I’m seeing is mild compared to what others are seeing and has been reported in at least two well-respected Mac focused sites:

Macworld: iPhone 3.0 users report Wi-Fi connectivity issues

TUAW: Apple proposes iPhone/iPod touch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fixes

Other iPhone and iPod touch users are seeing problems like detecting a WiFi signal but not being able to get to the internet or, even worse, not seeing any WiFi signal at all.

TUAW points to this Apple support item for possible workaround/fixes:

Unable to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with iPhone or iPod touch because there’s no address listed for the device

Based on my small sample size of WiFi routers/access points, it looks like the manufacturer and model of WiFi AP makes a difference too. A 802.11g Linksys router is nearly invisible in areas where it once provided weak but usable signals while an ancient 802.11b Linksys router provides a visible but unusable signal. On the other hand, a Belkin 802.11n router I recently bought provides a weak but usable signal in that same area.