iPhone Hack: TwitterKeys on iPhone

You probably already know (and use) the TwitterKeys put together by TheNextWeb. If not, TwitterKeys is a small tool that helps you quickly copy/paste UTF-8 symbols to Twitter. It is a fun way how to customize your tweets and make them stand out of the crowd. TwitterKeys works not only with the Twitter, but also Facebook and other sites supporting UTF-8 encoding.

It works great if you tweet from the web or desktop clients, but as may of you use iPhone for tweeting it is nearly impossible to use special symbols there. But I have found a way that will let you, at least, use some of the symbols – follow some simple steps described below to add this feature.

1. Enable Kana keyboard

Go to Settings>General>International>Keyboards>Japanese and enable Kena Keyboard

2. Switch to the Symbols

3. Click for more symbols

4. Choose your symbol

And here you go – it’s far from the complete list of special symbols but at least something you can fund here and use in your tweets and status updates.

There is also this Twitter Symbols ~ Spicy Tweets app for iPhone designed just for twitter and have more special symbols you can use, but it only works with twitter.

found via [MxBlog]