iPhone Causes Electrical Fire in Teenager’s Pants

fire fighting with google glassA young teenager at Kennenbunks Middle School was successfully treated for moderate burns after her phone caught on fire in her pants. The incident happened during the early school hours Friday morning around 7:40 AM when classmates noticed that her iPhone started to dispel smoke after making a popping sound.

The phone fire was vicious enough to cause the small device to fall out of her pants pocket, looking visibly burnt in the process. The student’s quick action probably led to her minor injuries: she stop, dropped, and rolled and tried to get out of her pants as quickly as possible. Her teacher also assisted by providing a blanket. After that, fire officials transported the girl to a local hospital were she was quickly released after being treated for small burns.

The state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire, but postulates that sitting on the phone created enough pressure to short-circuit the electronic device. Further, he advised that users should be cautious when placing devices in their back pockets to prevent the batteries from shorting out.