iPhone Browser Doubles Worldwide Share

Despite being a mobile tool, the Web browser on the iPhone and iPod touch more than doubled its share of the worldwide Internet browser market from 0.03% in December to 0.08% in March, according to StatCounter. In the US, the browser’s share grew 64% to 0.23%, up from 0.14% in December.

StatCounter, which tracks more than nine billion page loads per month on some two million Web sites, found that although the iPhone browser is seeing significant usage growth, it’s still way behind Nokia in the global market. Nokia claims 0.25% of the global browser market compared to the iPhone’s 0.08%. In the US, however, the iPhone alone, without the iPod touch, has 0.18% compared with Nokia’s 0.01%, StatCounter reports.

“The key message is that iPhone is more than living up to its claims of being a user-friendly Internet browser, unlike many other cell phones,” said StatCounter founder and CEO Aodhan Cullen.