iPhone Apps Product Information Finally Available in Web-based iTunes Preview

Here’s one of those “why didn’t you start doing this back in the summer of 2008” developments: Apple now lets you learn more about an iPhone app without punting you to iTunes (which is sometimes not installed on the computer you are on at the moment). You can see this in action by pointing the browser of your choice at…


…and selecting one of the apps in the “iTunes preview” section of that page. Doing this takes you to another web page with information similar to what is available on an iTunes app page for it. There’s also a “View in iTunes” button which fires up iTunes and gives you the opportunity to buy and download the app.

Selecting any other app mentioned on these preview pages also takes you to a web view of that app’s product information page. It took Apple a while to figure this out. But, we’re finally here and I, for one, am very happy to see it. Now, if only Google would get its web act together and build a decent Android Market site for Android phone owners.

Via TechCrunch: Apple Now Lets You Preview iPhone Apps In Your Browser