iPhone Apps for the Unemployed: My Recommendations – Total Price 99 Cents

PCMag.com has an interesting list of…
The Best iPhone Apps for the Unemployed
It includes a couple of free apps like JobCompass (free for a limited time), Jobs and LinkedIn as well as paid apps like the $9.99 (kind of expensive by iPhone standards) beamME CV app that provides an easy way to send your resume and contact information directly from the iPhone.
If you read my March 20 announcement here…
MobileApps & MobileDevices Folded Into MobileContentToday
…you know that searching for a new job is more than an academic exercise for me. Here’s my list of recommended iPhone apps for the task (all free except for one, btw):
Calendar (synced to Google Calendar): The key is tying it to Google Calendar to simplify calendar entry and retrieval
Mail: Tying it to Yahoo! Mail and Google Mail is free and syncing is fully supported. You won’t have to worry about running out of space
Maps: Don’t get lost on your way to an interview!
Safari Mobile browser
Evernote: Their free web service will probably be enough for all your note taking and retrieval needs
Facebook: Network, network, network
Google Mobile App: Fast searching
iTalk Recorder: Record audio notes
Skype: Stay in contact!
TwitterFon: Network, network, network
Wikipanion: Look smart 🙂
Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T iPhones (99 cents): Use the AT&T WiFi in Starbucks shops in the U.S. easily and for free
Times are tough folks. But, keep plugging away. I know I am! Good luck to all of you out there!