Eleven-Year-Old Software Entrepreneur Whacks Justin Bieber

Over the weekend, Leo Laporte, host of the nationally syndicated call-in radio show “The Tech Guy,” fielded a most memorable call. Thomas, an 11-year-old from Manhattan Beach, checked in to provided an update on the software company he launched at age nine.

A previous call by Thomas to Laporte was the spark for Carrot Corp., an endeavor anchored to the Apple-Mac software developer platform iOS. He was calling Laporte back to share news of his iPhone app creations and hopefully get some marketing pointers.

The most promising Carrot Corp. product is 99-cent game “Bustin Jieber,” a variation on the old Whac-a-Mole grid. “This game is great for anybody that hates Justin Bieber,” Thomas’ promo text reads. “Try to whack Bustin Jieber – when he moves to a different random location on the screen every FIFTH of a second!”

Laporte was suitably amazed by Thomas’ precocious efforts, a perfect way for the host to mark his seventh year on the radio airwaves. The 11-year-old software dynamo currently has four games available and promises many more in the near future.