What Did Twitter And Facebook Think Of The iPhone 5? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yesterday, Apple announced the highly-anticipated iPhone 5, which included new features such as a bigger screen, a better camera and battery, faster processor and a slightly controversial lightning dock, which replaces the tried-and-tested 30-pin connector.

The reaction to any new Apple product is always amusing, as it’s a space that’s littered with as many fanboys as it is haters, but I think it’s fair to say that the reports from tech blogs and the mainstream press were mostly positive, if a little indifferent.

But what did Joe Public think?

Taykey monitored 50,000 user reactions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and blogs, analyzing their content by volume and sentiment, and have produced this infographic to illustrate their findings. The most positive announcement of the night was the iPhone 5‘s bigger, 4-inch screen, and the volume of messages peaked when Apple surprised almost everybody with their September 21st release date. Fans were less enthused about the better camera and A6 chip.

Personally, and I say this as someone whose family has four iPhones, three iPads, two Macbook Pros, a 27-inch Apple cinema display and a Shuffle, I was less than impressed. Yeah, it’s nice, but for me there’s just not enough meat in the iPhone 5 to inspire me to shell out for it. Much like I wasn’t in any major rush to upgrade from my iPhone 3GS to the 4 – but I had to have the 4S – I think I’ll wait for the 5S, or maybe even the 6, before I upgrade again.

I’m definitely interested in iOS6, though, so roll on September 19th.

(Source: Taykey.)