iPhone 5 Logic Board Leaked Online

In the past few months virtually every part of the new iPhone has leaked, including the shell (multiple leaks), battery , front face, Sim card drawer, and even the screws. vAnd today I can show the the new iPhone’s logicboard.

This is the all important bit of circuitry that makes a phone work as a phone. Without it the iPhone is just a paperweight.

This photo showed up on a Chinese forum, and while the poster doesn’t actually say it, he seems to be implying that this belongs in the new iPhone. He could be right; the logic board lacks any identifying marks but  the screw mounting holes do look like they would fit the  screws seen inside the leaked iPhone case.

Still, this could be a clever forgery.The new iPhone is of course hot news right now so I could easily see someone creating a fake part just to trick the gadget blogs.

I’m really looking forward to the 12th of September, aren’t you? That’s when Apple is rumored to be unveiling the next iPhone, and it’s going to be the first real confirmation that all these rumors are real.