iPhone 5 Assembled From Spare Parts, Tipped for September 12 Launch

I’ not one to use the iPhone, but I am growing to love the attention it gets.

A couple new bits of information made their way through the web this past weekend. The first is the iPhone 5 unit you see above. iLab Factory, a Chinese repair site, reports that they’re already getting their hands on the repair parts for the new iPhone. They can’t show a complete device (no circuit boards or battery), but they did assemble the parts (case, buttons, cables, screws) into a plausible looking shell. It looks pretty much like what we expected. The screen is 4″, the camera is centered over the speaker, and it also has the smaller docking port that we’ve seen elsewhere.

And if current rumors are true, we’ll see the iPhone 5 in just over a month. The latest rumored launch date comes from iMore. This morning they reported that Apple is going to have an event on the 12th of September. The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled, and there are hints the iPad Mini might also be shown off. There’s no indication of when the iPad Mini will ship, but iMore thinks the new iPhone will hit store shelves on September 21st.

As fun as these rumors are, I don’t think the ride’s over yet. The Apple event is over 5 weeks away, and at the rate we’re going I expect that retail units of the iPhone 5 to leak. This will probably happen some time in the next 3 weeks, with several major blogs getting their hands on them.

If that happens then we’ll probably know all about the iPhone 5 long before it’s unveiled on stage.