iPhone 4Gs? iPhone 5? Sprint iPhone? Fall 2011 Shaping Up to be Very Interesting

September and October have long been interesting months for Apple watchers. The first iPod was announced in October 2001. And, subsequent iPod refreshes have been announced every September in recent years. The first iPod nano was announced in September as was the first iPod touch.

This time around we know that the iOS 5 update will become available for existing iPhone and iPad devices. Having skipped a summer iPhone release for the first time since 2007, there is speculation that Apple will announce a fifth generation iPhone and, maybe, a third generation iPad this Fall.

Apple Readies New iPhone (Wall Street Journal)

Barron’s (part of The Wall Street Journal) adds an interesting twist from an Citadel Securities analyst who says that Sprint will get the iPhone too this Fall in time for the holiday buying season.

Sprint iPhone Deal Appears Likely, Says Citadel

Missing from all these rumors (iPhone 4Gs, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Sprint) is what is happening to the iPod line which has become less important over the past few years.