iPhone 4 Will Be Taller?

We’re not a gadget blog, we know, but we kind of are, so why not share this tidbit. According to Mashable (which got its info from the iPhone repairers at iResQ, whose post is a bit to geeky to cite), the next iPhone will be a smidge taller than previous models, in order, both blogs presume, to accommodate one or more new components. iResQ claims to actually have the top panel of the phone (depicted above).

So why do we eBookers care? Well, of course because iPhone and iPad are tomorrow’s eBook platforms today. As excitement builds for the next iPhone, and for the iPad, we’ll get more info about iBooks, and who knows what else the next iPhone will do, and then who knows what iPad 2 will do because of what iPhone 4 will do.

Maybe next someone will get the new flexi-plastic volume knob, or the touch-sensitive microphone for iPhone 4! We’ll be here to report it.