iPhone 4 Used To Produce Professional Videos…And They Look Amazing!

In the days since the iPhone 4 officially launched, professional videographers have been hard at work trying out the phone’s new HD video feature and so far there have been some fantastic results. So far there has been a commercial shot with the iPhone 4 as well as a music video. Both clips, which you can watch after the jump, look absolutely amazing. It’s hard to believe these videos were shot on a phone!

Flakjakt – Cascades

Canadian band Flakjakt released the first ever music video shot on the iPhone 4 a couple of days ago. According to the description on the video’s YouTube page, the band wrote the song in two days, shot the video in 1.3 days and edited it in two days. The band says that, “The overall goal was to produce a great, entertaining music video first and foremost, regardless of what camera we were shooting.” However, the fact that this video was shot on the iPhone 4 is pretty impressive, and should lead to a lot more views as this is the first music video of it’s kind.

HD Minelab iPhone Version

Ad production company FLF Films released a clip last weekend that was one of the first, if not the first full video production to be shot entirely on the iPhone 4. The production company decided to mount the new iPhone 4 next to their RED camera while shooting a new spot for Minelab and see what the results looked like.
FLF director Jerry Dugan told Janko Roettgers of NewTeeVee that he only used light post-production on the video, putting the footage through Apple’s color. He did mention that he found a few issues with the iPhone 4 HD camera. “There is a rolling shutter issue and an automatic shutter speed issue as well. This makes it a little tougher for motion but it does really well on stabilized platforms.” This is evident during several of the moving shots in the final iPhone 4 spot, as you’ll see in the video below. However, Dugan said, “I for sure could see shooting a whole spot with this amazing device.”

If you have an iPhone 4, what do you think about the quality of the new HD video feature? Do you think that we will be seeing more quality music videos and other online video content shot on Apple’s device in the future?