iPhone 4 Prototypes Show Up On eBay

iPhone 4 prototypes are popping up on eBay this week. Yesterday PC Magazine, reported on an iPhone 4 prototype that had received $1 million in bids on the auction site.

That listing has since been removed, but another listing has surfaced today. The listing is from a seller named freemefromatt, who has no user reviews, but is apparently based in Marina, CA. The listing describes the product as: “Apple Iphone 4 White GENUINE PROTOTYPE 1st Edition.” It is listed at $700 plus an exorbitant $10,000 for shipping. As of writing this post, there are no bids, but the listing has nine days to go.

Last year before the iPhone 4 was released, tech blog Gizmodo bought a prototype of the device after an Apple employee allegedly left it in a bar. The event caused quite a stir. investigators raided the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen and seized his computers.

Via Apple Insider.