iPhone 4 Network Settings Reset Not a Cure for Proximity Sensor Problem (blank screen during a call)


The iPhone 4 has quickly gained a Twitter-like reputation for being a great tool that is also incredibly flaky. The iPhone 4, like the iPhone 3G I previously used, is not my primary voice phone because of a combination of a poor phone interface and spotty AT&T network service (notice the “Searching” network status in the screenshot above). However, I do use it to make voice calls now and then just to see it works and to burn a few minutes a month to justify my monthly AT&T bill.

Like other iPhone 4 users, I’m a victim of its poorly implemented proximity sensor. It is supposed to blank the screen when the phone is raised to your head and then display the screen when you move it away from your head to, presumably, touch the screen for some operation. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4’s screen remains blank (dark) after moving it away from my head.

Two purported fixes are to perform a soft reset and to select the Reset Network Settings option. I’ve tried both. Unfortunately, neither action fixed the screen. It looks like I’m going to have to wait for an Apple provided firmware update to fix this and other problems with the phone.