iPhone 3G S? Palm Pre? Don’t Forget the Nokia N97

Photo courtesy of Nokia

Smartphone fans have had a lot of excitement in the space of a few days. The Palm Pre became available for purchase this past Saturday and Apple announced the iPhone 3G S on Monday (available for purchase next week Friday). Quietly sandwiched between these two mega-events is Nokia’s N97 as the BoyGeniusReport reminded us…

Nokia N97 hits Flagship stores today for $699.99

As I noted last week, Nokia is calling the N97 a mobile computer instead of a smartphone. This is an interesting strategy for something that shares a number of features with the Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1 (Android). It has both a touch screen (a first for a Nokia N Series phone) and a pull-out QWERTY keyboard (another first for the N Series).

You probably won’t see many N97 devices in the U.S. because it doesn’t have a carrier partner. And, like other unlocked phones, its relatively high price ($699) means it will probably be mainly purchase by Nokia N Series phone fans and those who want a phone with an excellent 5 megapixel digital camera as well as VGA quality video (640×480 pixels at 30fps).