iPhlyrM for iPhone: Monitor Private Video Stream from a PC Webcam

Screenshot courtesy of iPhlyr

This free iPhone app with a product name that looks like a typographical error..

iPhlyrM 1.0.82 (iTunes App Store)

…lets you view a private video stream from a Windows PC webcam (they say Mac and Linux video broadcasting is coming soon). You can find the free webcam broadcasting software to tie in with the iPhone app here…

iPhlyr Monitor

It is one of the first apps I’ve seen to state support for Windows 7. And, it also works on Windows Server 2008.

Note that this is NOT a public streaming service like Qik, Ustream or Stickam. Phlyr’s FAQ item states:

Q: Can anyone else view my stream?
A: No! Your stream is private and intended to be viewed only by you.