iPads Help Airplanes Lose Weight

A budget airline in Singapore is saving money and fuel by replacing their airplanes’ entertainment systems with iPads. Singapore Airlines’ carrier Scoot has reportedly removed its existing TVs and instead installed iPads and in doing so has cut 7 percent of its weight.

Bloomberg has the story: “The savings will help Scoot, which makes its maiden flight today, cope with fuel prices that have jumped about 36 percent in two years. Fuel is ‘the number one worry’ for any airline, as it usually accounts for at least 40 percent of costs, Wilson said in a June 1 interview in Singapore. Scoot will charge economy passengers S$22 ($17) a trip to rent the tablets, which are loaded with movies, music, games and television shows.”

Besides money and fuel efficiency, passengers are sure to have better choices in entertainment with the latest apps.