IPad’s Glamour-ous Glue

For years we have watched TV wanting what Sonny Crockett wore or that jogging suit on Wisteria Lane. We did “The Rachel” and the Brandon Walsh.

But what if you could pause your DVR, click on that item of clothing Eva Longoria is wearing, and buy it. We’ve been dying to dress like our favorite TV stars for years. Glamour and iPadhave taken the first step to do just that.

The New York Times decodes a marriage that could transcend how we watch TV, how we buy stuff, and how revenue streams could be generated near and far.

As is, watching TV is a multimedia experience. Many of us are tweeting, Facebooking, or clicking on fan pages for the latest and greatest info. We want as much info as our brains can handle and we we want it immediately.

Dissolve to the Glamour app on the iPad. It may only have about 4,600 followers (maybe a few more after you finish reading this), which is a whole lot less than the mag’s circulation. But a show called, what else, “Glamour Girls” will be that app. Watch the show, pause it, click on clothes, beam to gap.com, and you have that ensemble.

How this first step affects PR firms down the road could be staggering. The idea of seeding could be done on a much larger scale. Only time will tell if this could translate to a live program, but for now check out the app, enjoy the show and happy shopping!