iPad Week 1: Todd’s Free App Favorites Plus an Honorable Mention

I’ve only had my iPad for a week. But, I’ve already found some freeware favorites. You can be sure that I’ll mention many more in the weeks, months, and years to come. Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. Adobe Ideas: I wrote about this on Tuesday and called it my “great portable white board”.

2. Bloomberg: The iPad is missing a couple of apps that were bundled with the iPhone. The stock app is one of them. But, Bloomberg’s free app provides an extremely capable replacement for it.

3. Dragon Dictation: Like its iPhone counterpart, this free (so far) app from Nuance turns your speech into text and then lets you use that text with other apps.

4. Kindle for iPad: I’ve read 2.5 novels using Kindle for iPhone on both an iPod touch and iPhone. My reading experience was good even on those tiny screens. Kindle on the iPad is a whole different and better experience. I have absolutely no desire to buy the Kindle hardware now. But, Amazon can rest assured that I will continue buying Kindle ebooks from them.

5. Tweetdeck for iPad: I’m not a heavy Twitter user (7200+ tweets from @toddogasawara so far). But, I do use it daily and consider it an important part of my personal and professional life. TweetDeck is my Twitter client of choice on the iPad even though I didn’t like it at all on my iPhone or desktop. It is, however, a perfect fit on the iPad.

Honorable Mention: Marvel Comics: Anyone who enjoyed even a single comic book as a kid (or kid at heart) will be thrilled with this comic book reader. My only complaint lies in its pricing structure and lack of a subscription model. Individual comics books should be priced at 99 cents each with annual subscriptions at $10. $1.99 per comics book is just too high given the lack of ink, paper, transportation, and restocking.

There are a lot of great free iPad apps. This is just a start. If I didn’t mention one of yours, let me know what it is so I can take a look at it and try it for myself.