iPad Tweet Sentiment Analysis: 60% Positive, 14% Negative, 26% Emotional/Silly

Fascinating article about iPad haters over on ReadWriteWeb…

How to Hate the iPad: A Break Down of the Backlash

It provides data from TweetFeel which took 500,000 tweets referring to the iPad, wittled it down to 40,000 scoreable tweets, and segmented the 40% (16,000) of tweets that were anti-iPad. Here’s my take on their breakdowns. I recombined categories to what I consider smaller meaningful units.

65% (10,400 tweets) of the negative iPad tweets were non-technical: Silly name, big iPhone, feminine hygiene jokes. The remaining 35% (5,600) negative tweets were technical/substantive ones: Lack of Adobe Flash support, lack of multi-tasking, lack of a camera, and predictions of AT&T network problems. So, if we bring this back into the larger picture (all 40,000 tweets), this is what it looks like:

60% positive iPad sentiment (24,000)
26% emotional negative sentiment (10,400)
14% negative sentiment based on technical aspects (5,600)