iPad Trounces Android Tablets by 2:1

Strategy Analytics has released a new report this week which shows that iPad continues to outsell all other tablets. Sorry, Amazon; this is an iPad world and you’re just living in it.

The report shows that despite 7.3 million Android tablets being sold in Q2 2012, Apple’s share of the world tablet market continues to grow. With a reported 17 million iPads sold last quarter, Apple now controls 68% of the tablet market, compared to 62% in the 2nd quarter of 2011.

This is in fact the greatest market share for Apple since fall 2010. Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston said “Despite high expectations for companies like Amazon, Samsung, Acer and Asus, the Android community has yet to make a serious dent in Apple’s dominance of the tablet market. Unspectacular hardware designs, limited uptake of cellular models and a modest number of tablet-optimized services have been among some of the main reasons for Android’s mixed performance so far.”