iPad to Be Sold At BestBuy, Among Other Retailers

iPad will be available for purchase not just at Apple stores and online, but at multiple retailers not long after launch, according Apple COO Tim Cook. He said this to the audience at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco yesterday (big day for tech conferences, including TOC), according to Mashable. The only store Cook mentioned specifically was Best Buy, though he implied there will be others soon.

Mashable also reports that Cook has a compellingly open stance on how Apple is thinking about the iPad: “His discussion of the iPad was more interesting, though. He was asked whether the iPad would be a replacement for netbooks or a new use case. To that, he isn’t sure since they haven’t sold any units yet, but he did trash netbooks, something that Steve Jobs also does on a consistent basis.”

Clealy Cook’s comments indicate that Apple wants to reach as large a market as possible with the iPad. They want everybody to buy one–even you.