iPad Sales Reportedly Stalled After First Day of Pre-Orders: Here’s My Guess on What Happens Next

CNN/Fortune Magazine reported that:

Apple iPad orders drop sharply

So, what this translate into number-wise. According to unofficial estimates based on order numbers, the iPad’s sales rate dropped from 25,000 per hour on Friday (the first day of pre-orders) all the way down to about 1,000 orders per hour over the weekend.

The question of what this drop means is probably going to be the topic of a bunch of speculative blog items and articles. So, why should I be any different? Here’s my pair of possible interpretations:

– Initial sales were to Apple fan-boys (and girls). Like the Nexus One, it is saturated its market and will not have substantial follow-up sales (I don’t think this is the case)

– Initial sales were to Apple fan-boys (and girls). Everyone else is taking a cautious wait-and-see attitude. They’ll let the iPad pioneers let them know if this solution-in-search-of-a-problem actually has some value beyond being a “big iPod touch”.

I bought an iPad because it provides a good solution for me: An instant-on (and off/suspend) large screen web browser, email client, media player, ebook reader, game console, and all around “casual app” solution. I don’t envision it replacing my desktop, notebook, netbook, or smartphone. It fits in its own solution space. We’ll see if anyone else agrees with me in the weeks and months to come.