iPad Rumor: Pre-Orders Start February 25

Finally, some new Apple tablet rumors–life was getting mighty lonesome without them. The latest, from AppAdvice.com, is that Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPad on February 25, which is this coming Thursday.

AppAdvice says they got this info from “a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter,” so take that how you will. If the rumor is true, then Apple will be taking orders for the WiFi models of the iPad, and they should arrive on March 29th, the promised 60 days after the initial announcement. Maybe they’ll let you buy the 3G models too, but those won’t come until the end of April at the earliest.

If you want to avoid camping out in front of your local Apple store on March 28th and waiting in line with a bunch of other Apple fanatics, plan to pre-order. It’s likely to be a zoo on launch day, as it always is.