iPad-Related Topics Dominate Twitter; iTampon Peaks at #3

As of the close of the business day, eight of the top ten terms trending on Twitter were related to the new Apple iPad. While the official name was number one, comparisons and complaints (such as the lack of flash support) peppered the list, while the brandjacked “iTampon” peaked at number three:

1) Apple iPad

2) #nowplaying

3) iTampon

4) #Apple

5) Haiti

6) iPhone

7) Kindle

8) Steve Jobs

9) Flash

10) iPod Touch

The immediacy of the iTampon meme makes one wonder if Apple anticipated, then discarded the concerns, or is too wedded to the “i” prefix to care. If mockery is the sincerest form of flattery, look for a South Park episode soon–you heard it here first. The Simpsons already did their miPod-as-cult episode some time ago.

It may be the first time ever though that a product was spoofed years ahead of its existence. Mashable was quick to dig up a TUAW blog post about MadTV’s iPad skit from 2006. The video is embedded after the jump. It may be NSFW, depending on where you work:

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