iPad-Ready Shopping Carts At British Grocery Store

Sainsbury’s, a grocery store in the UK, is testing out new shopping carts that feature solar powered iPad docks. The catch, you must bring your own iPad.

The LA Times has more: “The trial, first rolled out at a Sainsbury’s location in Kensington, West London, will allow customers to watch live sports and sports-related news after docking their tablets to holders affixed to their shopping trolleys, the Telegraph reports. A built-in battery with a self-charging solar panel keeps the tablets from running out of power, and a sensor on the front bumper will beep if an engrossed shopper gets close to crashing into another cart.”

This might be nice for grocery lists or looking up needs for last minute recipes, but there is something about reading a book or watching a sporting event while trying to grocery shop that sounds really annoying. It’s bad enough that every bar nowadays has a TV, but shoppers parked in front of the bread watching the final inning of a Yankees game?

What do you think?