iPad Pre-Sales Interest Stronger Than iPhone

Brighthand has an interesting article…

Pre-Launch Interest For The iPad Higher Than For The Original iPhone

The article cites survey results done by ChangeWave, who asked 3,200 people about their attitudes toward the iPad. Thirteen precent of the respondents said they were likely or somewhat likely to buy an iPad. The same company did a similar survey in 2007 after the iPhone was first announced, and at that time 9% of the respondents had the same response.

The survey also asked which version of the iPad the respondents where likely to buy, and the highest responses were for the cheapest version and for the most loaded version. Most of the respondents also said they did not think Apple was over charging for the iPad.

Obviously, the survey provides good news to Apple. I am sure that if they sell as many iPads as they sold iPhones, they will be very happy. Rumor has it that Apple will begin pre-sales of the cheapest version of the iPad on Thursday, so we will soon learn about the accuracy of the survey.